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Loss of data threatens everytime and everywhere. Mostly without warning

It doesn't always have to be the worst case. Even without fire, flood or blackout, there is the possibility of loss of data, because the system crashed or the hardware sustains a defect. Hard discs, the heart of memory of modern PCs and Servers, are recorded ever more densely with data, becoming more and more sensitive and susceptible to damage. In short: A data crash occurs without warning- and mostly, when it is especially inconvenient.

Not all backup strategies are equal.
Although data backup is taken more seriously than just a few years ago often the backup strategy shows hazardous deficiencies. While it is a matter of course to store important documents or cash in a safe, sensitive data are ?backed up? on unprotected computers, servers or media, often at the same location. The fact that, in case of fire, the backup is destroyed along with the original data is not realised. A really dangerous situation!

You would like to know how to use your Noah Data Strongroom to its full extend? We would be pleased to support you in choice of individual backup software and backup strategy.

Backup Strategy