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Loss of data threatens your existence.Yet the risk is controllable with the right system.

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Data security is security for your livelihood

  •  Loss of data threatens your existence.
  • Are you searching for a real alternative solution to fire protected and secured IT-rooms?
  • Do you prefer outsourcing no or not all your data and in care of online providers?

The alternative solution
With the high-security storage system Noah Data Strongroom prevents the maximum credible accident and eliminates the drawbacks of previous backup concepts and resists even the hardest external influences.

Permanent access
Not only large companies, but also medium-sized enterprises, freelancers and small-scale enterprises use computers and are therefore dependent on the permanent availability of their data. Problems in data access rapidly affect their operations and, in the worst case, cripple the company completely.

Consequences of loss
Especially massive losses of data by burning, flood, sabotage or natural catastrophe have extensive consequences. 93% of all companies who have no data access for ten days, become insolvent within a year, half of them immediately. The backup of company data is essential for the existence of a company.

Safe as the 'black box'

Use the security standards of aviation and navigation for your data backup.

International standards as benchmark
Every passenger plane has several examples on board and more and more sea-going vessels are equipped with 'black boxes'. The voyage data recorders and flight data recorders continuously store the relevant data and communications; in case of an accident, its causes are ascertained from the last records. Placed in armour-cased housings, the data of the memory units are readable even after a high altitude crash, fire and seawater immersion.

The utmost security for everyone
Noah Data Strongroom uses the black-box technology in a new way, making daily use for businesses as well as private individuals possible. This backup system is available to store the significant data completely- and also protects them from fire, building collapse, floods or any other catastrophic disasters.

Tested under severest conditions
Vibrations and impact shocks up to 1,500 times the acceleration due to gravity cannot affect Noah Data Strongroom. The system withstands a water pressure of 600 bar, as well as 12-hour heat and fire loads; this leaves sufficient time for effective firefighting. It is compactly built with a weight of only 6.9 kg and is simple to operate. As a result, Noah Data Strongroom will fit on any desk and in any working environment.

Loss of data threatens everywhere

Don't leave your data security in its own hands. At home, too.

Permanent safeguard offered
A continuous, preferably permanent data safeguard in the background is thus essential, because it keeps the past for the present and the future. The data of a production company, design practice, a lawyer's office, or a doctor's practice consist of electromagnetic impulses, which must be pre-served at all events. Not only in professional, but also in private contexts, data backup becomes more important than ever. After all, digitalization pervades nearly every sphere of life; music is distributed digitally, pictures and movies are produced digitally, documents are only preserved digitally. All these data, often with a high personal and emotional worth, are, in the event of a crash of the local data processor, in the greatest danger.

Security for everyone
With Noah Data Strongroom, the backup finally becomes as simple and secure as it should be. This technology, well-established in airplanes and ships is now available for all users - the black box for the desk, so to speak, in which all data are practically indestructibly stored. No matter if business enterprise, service provider, manufacturer or private household- Noah Data Strongroom backs up your data rapidly and economically.

Backup Strategy

Often one needs an accidentally deleted or spoiled data file. Normally, this loss is recognized only after a few days and the already defect data file has been safeguarded with the last backup. Hence the backup should always be effected following the generation principle.

Which data files do I have to consider for a Backup?

Of course, it makes no sense to safeguard data files, which are stored on CD/DVD anyway, Windows itself and all programs which are available on their own media.

Variable Data

For a backup all the data are important, which are written by oneself, for example texts, pictures, e-mails, databases, accounting data, R&D- projects, etc., and therefore are of high material and immaterial value. In addition, according to law, a lot of data are to be filed during several years.
The data backup is very alleviated, if these relevant data (letters, templates, databases etc) are situated beneath a folder (e.g. own data sets). Thus, the backup procedure becomes simple, reliable and translucent.

Daily data backup according to the generation principle

Basically, the generation principle is not bound to a certain chronological rhythm, the easiest method consists in arrangement of three backup categories – e.g. daily, weekly or per month. In this case a daily backup is generated.. These son-backups are rotating every week (i.e. after one week, the first son-backup becomes overwritten), the father-backups, which are each overwritten-by the end of a week, are rotating every month (i.e. after one month, the first father-backup becomes overwritten) and the grandfather-backups, which are each overwritten by the end of a month are rotating every year (after one year, the grandfather-backup gets overwritten).

For a backup in line with a five days week one would need a storage capacity for:

  • Four son-backups (Monday to Thursday; Friday is a father-backup)
  • Three father-backups (for the first three Fridays of a month, the fourth and last Friday can be stored as a grandfather-backup)
  • Twelve grandfather-backups (for the last day in every month) 
  • There are not required five Friday-backups, because, if there are five Fridays a month, the Friday is the last weekday of the month. Consequently there is a grandfather-backup used for storage and NOT a father-(Friday) backup.

Following this principle, one could always access a backup of:

  • Each of the last four workdays (son-backups)
  • Each of the last four Fridays (father-backups)
  • Each of the last twelve ends of month (grandfather-backups)

There is the possibility of either incremental or differential backup to reduce the requirement of memory space.

Incremental backup
With an incremental backup there are only these files safeguarded, which have been written or changed since the last backup of the type Normal or Incremental. If you use a combination of normal and incremental backups, you need for reconstitution of your data on the one hand the last normal storage record, and on the other hand, all incremental storage records.

Differential backup
With a differential backup there are all these files safeguarded, which have been written, resp. changed since the first backup of the type Differential. I you carry out a differential backup, it is required for reconstitution of files and folders, that the first full-backup same as the last differential backup are available.
This method is very similar to the incremental backup and is also carried out in changeover with complete backups. At this, on Monday these data are safeguarded, which have changed on Monday, on Tuesday the files of Monday and Tuesday etc., consequently all data since the last full-backup. Advantage: You need the last full-backup and the last differential backup just at the time when you want to reconstitute your original database.

Physikalischer Datenschutz

Hard shell, solid core.
Noah combines the highest mechanical security with simple handling. And is even scalable.

Data security on site
Naturally, one can secure data in various ways, for example on a CD-ROM or DVD. These inexpensive, but time-consuming methods appear to be an emergency solution at best. Even the use as an archive is particularly problematic, as the discs have a limited shelf life. The tape drive, on the other hand, has a large capacity but is comparatively expensive, the handling is costly, and it is becoming a technological model which is phasing out. The external hard disc makes quick backups possible, but is inherently sensitive due to its mechanism.

Protection from external influences
As with all security media systems, the problem of storage arises: They are all, in their elementary form, unprotected against external influences. And who thinks about taking tapes or hard disks home after work or storing them somewhere else? Noah Data Strongroom, however, can remain on site, as it simultaneously protects the data mechanically. An optionally available fitting protects Noah from theft. When fixed to the floor or a wall, Noah is protected against burglars and vandals. Whoever uses Noah Data Strongroom as a safeguard, takes advantage of the state-of-the-art technology - inexpensive, long-lived and tough.